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exams are OVER!
Wednesday, June 25, 2008 @ 11:06 PM

yesyes! it's true! exams are finally OVER! ^^ super super happy. started celebrating ytd after econs. i think it's like the paper with the most hope? i hope! HAHA!

so, kicked off the celebrations with the long awaited NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN with jojo. :D somehow ytd seemed like a bestfren day. cos everyone went home together with plans to meet up with bestfrens. haha! here's the poster for the movie. caspian's the main calefare. (how do you even spell it?!) HAHAHA!

and seriously, king peter (below) is super hot! :D omgomg hot. (like arashi hot!) jo doesn't agree though. thinks that caspian (the one above) is cuter. no lah! :D and do u know willian moseley aka peter is only 21? how desirable. he shd be on the bachelor. HAHAHA!

we walked arnd bugis street after and i bought a tee. grins! :D and we sourced for corde and andre's present! update on sunday yah. and i saw this gorgeous magazine called tact. so tempted to buy ): this month's mag was FULLY on matsumoto jun! melts. how cute is he! pity the mag costs $20.60. )': had to part with it. sighhs!

went to cel's house tdy for a day of chilling. woke up late and reached her house at like 1230. hurhur. so anyway, we waited for lina to come home from school thn went down for a swim. :D after swim it was the favourite maggi mee lunch! too bad bins wasn't arnd to cook for us ): we still felt hungry after that so walked out to central to get a bubble tea drink and some snacks. no shilin or like snacks though ): anyway we were kinda satisfied with the bubble tea. :D walked around thn stopped for quite awhile at ts watching sniplets of L, Change the world. the deathnote onee. it was so addictive cel bought it home! so we spent about 2 hrs watching that. highly exciting :D dinner was spaghetti cooked by cel's mom. watched ouran high while eating!

AND, her mom invited me to go cycling tmr! :D and yeah, im gg. grins. seriously, these few days are rather eventful ah! so anyway, i thought picnic would be a good idea! and cel added on the cheesecake part. THUS, we ran out at 8pm to central to get ingredients and settled down to bake cheesecake. had to leave cel alone to bake at 930 ): and now, she says it's baking! YAY! gna report to her house tmr morning for a cheesecake breakfast. omgg! totally exciting laa. THIS IS THE LIFE! for now. :D

Sunday, June 22, 2008 @ 10:33 PM

went to grandmother's house tdy. and got the surprise of my life! OW ZHIYIN is back! ^^ didn't even tell me beforehand la. i practically jumped and EH super embarrassingly. omg. you have no idea how much i miss you la. although it's only 4 mths. ): and after this break, it's another 6 mths before i'll see you again. SIGHS. that's why i hate growing up.

he's like the only 'brother' that i ever had? cos we aren't siblings and i guess he's the closest i'll ever get to having a brother. hahaha. growing up with him was fun. he doesn't really care whether i'm short or stupid cos we kinda grew up over the years and had our ups and downs all the same. the word family explains it all. :D and im super proud of him la. being the high profile kind all through school days, being one of the smartest in the family and his ns stuffs? he's still the best!

but anyway, he became whiter! not as manly alr lah! somehow, you went to australia but got whiter? and i thought australia was fully meant for tanning. HMMS. apparently not ahh. hahaha. can't wait to have a meet up session soon. not grandmother's house dinner kinda thing la. like treeaat (!) and a belated party/gathering! :D many many photos coming up soon i can predict. and somehow my glum and depressed mood has changed for the better. he was trying to be nice just now cos i was trying to study climate and biomes and he was watching jurassic park- the lost world. so he muted the tv. and for awhile i was wondering why the commercial didn't have any sound. as in i thought it was like some new commercial technique or smth. HAHA! im as retarded as usual lahh. funniest part was when this girl was like trying to crawl out and the dinosaur stuck its head in! like next to the girl la! totally shocked and we just screamed then burst out laughing! HAHAHA!

having you back is like the best thing that happened all june hols. (apart from the whole arashi craze yesyes!) thank goodness you're back. :D so looking forward to the next 5 weeks then! except the part where i get my results? but i feel much better now that you're back. :D huggs!

sick and tired
Saturday, June 21, 2008 @ 3:05 PM

what could i be sick and tired of? studying of course. last few days are like the most intense. ):

novena tdy finally after 3 weeks of mia-ing :D
feels so much better to be 'back'
totally passed up on the chance to go shopping! mom went to mango after novena. and i had to come home to study ):

okay. so i got bored with that blogskin. this one just rocks. :D don't you think the polaroids are simply pretty? boredom drives me to desperation.

so here's next week's plan.
mon: geog paper
tues: econs paper + NARNIA with jo and corde! (okay. i know im like slow. exams okay!)
wed: swimming with cel
thurs: undecided yet
fri: babes outing!

so my week is packed full from monday to friday. all except thurs which i might dedicate to arashi. since one love comes out then. :D and econs tuition of course with my favourite tuition buddy! hahha.

Thursday, June 19, 2008 @ 1:11 AM

okay. so studying's been taking up like most of my life. haha :D met cel and qimin for lunch at bugis. my favourite place and my favourite people. HAHA! almond tea was fantastic as usual.

thanks cel for the clothes and my favourite almond tea. HAHA! you're the best! :D

and im seriously going crazy about jpop. ARASHI is like the best band ever! :D im so waiting for one love to be released.

here's ARASHI! got me through my studying woes. :D

okay. this is like cuteness. HAHA! oguri shun! :D

and the much acclaimed hotness, matsumoto jun.
he is just the best la. :D no words can encompass. HAHAHAA.

and im so upset! just found out tdy that hana yori dango's finale movie's not coming to sg. ): and i doubt hana kimi is either. OH MANN. that's it. so planning a trip to japan soon. i should just stay there. in some slum or squatter settlement. rawrr.

Saturday, June 14, 2008 @ 5:47 PM

one more week left. im getting a really bad feeling. maybe this wasn't my path to start with. thought of alternative plans and kinda made sure i've got my safety harness ready in case i get pushed or jump as though i'm going bungy jumping. my mind's in a completely distrupted state. totally confused and worn out. how much longer is this torture gonna last? maybe leaving which i've been fearing for one and a half years will be my answer, my release.

been thinking alot lately. im becoming very unsure of myself. of who i am or like what im doing. not emo-ing. but like just plain thinking. i used to be so sure of who i am, what i was doing and what i was gonna do. i had my plans, i was on track. now, im not even sure whether the path i was gna choose is right. caught in a dilemma between pursuing tourism which i've been chasing and the world of design i'm so used to. meeting people is kinda like who i am but designing and all are like what i grew up with. which kinda determines who i am too? okay. i think im gna turn schizophrenic soon and start tearing my hair out. and i've really been giving thought to the notion of being able to succeed even if i don't finish my a's. officially or beautifully. either. with money, most things seem possible. of course u have to want to do it. what's a year or five? as long as i get to my destination and be the best that i can there.

i should start taking my own advice. the one i told jamie last year. but maybe it's this sense of foreboding that's stopping me. didn't someone once assure me that the more times you fall, the easier it is to get up? the person apparently lied to me. i don't want to fall the third time. once was shattering. twice was unsettling. i don't know what the third will be. it's just this sense of losing that i hate. losing the habit or the friends i've gotten used to again. that i have to leave again if things go wrong this time. but yeah, i know. instead of thinking so much, why not spend my efforts and energy on working instead? well, i just wanna cushion myself in the event that i do fall. hard as it is to admit, im still afraid of falling.

things i can never put into words. things i still left unsaid. well, i know no one knows me so well that they know those parts. so let me retreat and hide for awhile while i know the storm is approaching.

Sunday, June 8, 2008 @ 10:51 AM

rest day, i wish. was supposed to germ to study but it's sunday so it's family time! :D

and today's excitement was gen bringing her bf to church! you are awesome lah! congrats. :D and we'll go pick zac up when he comes back in now 119 days okay! popeye's! :D and our pompom agreement. HAHA!

and cel, i can't believe u're gg to taiwan still. haha. lucky you. and thanks so much for the shopping part. grinns. enjoy yourself and take good care of urself! :D hohoho!

since today is supposedly a rest day, i've decided to enjoy myself and do lit. :D much more enjoyable.

zac: yesyes. :D 120 more days. i know u can't wait to see me and gen lah! :D grins.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008 @ 9:13 PM

it's the middle of the 2nd week alr! and im still nowhere near secure ):
i've officially decided that i'm gna go down to nat'l lib everyday. mid yrs are a terrible time.

studied with germ yest at starbucks near wheelock. java chip is yumm! :D we kept our eyes open till 4 thn went for makan at far east. shopping after! couldn't find my jansport backpack! )): probably gna go queensway i guess. bought a top from cotton on for 10. pretty! met jo in heartland. and we shopped for flats for germ. unsuccessful la. some 5dollar shop closed down. -.-

tuition tdy was copying madness! went thru entire macro in 3 hours! not to mention that i had to sit on those makeshift kinda chairs. too full! ): prelim prep's starting. it's scary. :/ time to change gear alr. :D